Jo Fleming

The basis of my work is a life-long observation of and respect for my surroundings in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. The changing visual stimulation of seasonal progress entices me to look and remain focused on the landscape as a primary subject. Intricate geometries, variations of form and color, patterns of growth and the relationship of the natural environment impacted by human habitat are sources of inspiration.

Design involvement in the architectural realm highlights the ever-increasing presence of the man made component in the landscape and the importance of natural habitat in the urban setting. My paintings are compositions that grapple with the intersection, exposing the drama.

I am awed by the power and uncontrollable events constantly at work in the landscape. The raw forces of nature exposed in weather events of hurricanes, tsunami and forest fires have elicited responsive paintings. I am interested in environmental effects of corrosion, oxidation and decomposition.

Observation of the natural woodland surrounding my home has led me to recognize the richness of diverse native bio culture, and of environmental conservation. I recognize elements of imbalance and damage, but also ongoing renewal and adaptation.

My instinct is to document the subject of landscape at life size. The obvious challenge of defining the essence of a vast natural world onto a manageable sized artwork has led me to consider a modular approach. I am working with the potential to tell a larger story by placing the paintings side by side or top to bottom. Similar to words in a sentence, rearranging their order changes the meaning.

Jo Fleming